Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS)

Syndicated Pulse can identify key strategic factors categorized under Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats for your company along with the Quantitative Weights that indicate the strategic significance of each factor through a Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Matrix. The SFAS framework helps to generate an insightful strategic orientation and position of your company by identifying, weighing, prioritizing & ranking strategic factors present in the internal & external environment as assessed through an Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) followed by an External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS).


SFAS, as a framework scores over the traditional SWOT analysis, in terms, of its ability to quantify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats respectively based on the potential degree of effect of each strategic factor being analyzed. This makes it much more effective from a strategic planning viewpoint and from a competitive analysis perspective with the creation of a quantitative strategic snapshot on the company.

Custom (Bespoke) Market Analysis

Syndicated Pulse’s speciality is syndicated research, however, that does not limit our capability to acquire market data and generate market intelligence specific to your requirement, and specific to your company’s view and definition of the market.  Contact us if there is a request that is outside the scope of existing published reports, or for any requests that require new research and analysis.


Syndicated Pulse provides thought-leading, independent, objective, and informative whitepapers on various topics to illustrate the pros or cons of an emerging technology, market, product or service.  To commission a white paper from or to get more information, please contact us.